I saw the explosion of the Installation 04, i thought you're alive, Chief.
—William Ye to John-117
William Ye E783/Natotan-E783
Biographical information
Citizen ID E783
Birth dateJune 5th 2112 (aged 21)
April 2nd 2527 (aged 25)
February 7th 2714 (aged 27)
Physical description
AffiliationUnited Federation
The Resistance
Delta Federation
UNSC (Delta Control only)

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William Ye E783 is the main protagonist of 22nd century, but not 26th century or 28th century.


Early LifeEdit

William E783 was born in Los Angeles, California in June 5th 2112. He met Diana Prince E506 in the first time since he was 12 years old in the Los Angeles mall in June 26th 2124. In 2130, he married his friend Wonder Woman.

Escape from Renton 2133Edit

His friend Wonder Woman got a plan to escape Renton 2133.


Will E783 was born in June 5th 2112. In 2133, he is 21 years of age at the time he drank beer and social with others in a unknown restaurant at the beginning of Bravo Velocity.


My name's William, E783, born in Los Angeles of California, nice to meet you, Wonder Woman.
—William to Wonder Woman since he met her in the Los Angeles Mall
I'm Deadstorm, number E783, member of the North Star Alliance
—William to UNSC Marines


Unlike most Spartans, William does not possess the new name: William-E783, but his full name is William Ye E783. Rather, his full name ends with the SPARTAN tag. His case is similar to Shayera Hol E289's, who is Hawkgirl. Like most people whose name ends with a SPARTAN tag, he change his SPARTAN tag from D105 to E783


  • His signature weapons are SA80 assault rifle and SL8 sniper rifle. Also when he is in New Earth, he carry a HK21 machine gun and SPAS-12 shotgun.
  • His race is unknown.
  • Will also appears in the Halo timeline, but he is 25 years old and not a main character of the timeline. In December 11st 2552, he entered The Ark with his SL8 rifle and a G36 rifle. In March 3rd 2553, he was invited to Vio Memorial. He left the memorial after the soldiers are finished with the Memorial.

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